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EPC Commercial Scotland
53 Frederick Street, Edinburgh, EH2 1LH
Phone: +44 (0)131 620 1145
Email: info@epc-commercial.co.uk

EPC Commercial Scotland provides Commercial EPC's direct
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EPC Commercial Scotland Process
EPC Commercial Scotland - Commercial EPC Booking
Booking a Commercial EPC Survey through EPC Commercial Scotland is easy. Contact us via our website. Telephone or Email and request a quotation. Provide the minimum information required and obtain a quotation complete with standard terms of service. If you are happy with the price, arrange access with a member of our team.
EPC Commercial Scotland - Commercial EPC Access
We will contact the occupiers to arrange a mutually convenient time for the survey to take place if the property is occupied.  We will collect the keys from the owner, tenant or agent and carry out the survey unaccompanied if it is unoccupied.
EPC Commercial Scotland - Commercial EPC Survey
An EPC Commercial Scotland Energy Assessor will visit the property and carry out a survey on its energy efficiency.
The Commercial EPC survey takes between 2-3 hours depending on the size of the property. It is non-invasive, meaning the fabric of the property will be not be disturbed. Our Commercial Energy Assessors will carry out the following: -
Customers whom use EPC Commercial Scotland benefit from:-
EPC ScotlandTake detailed internal measurements of the property.
EPC ScotlandCollect data to help establish the age and construction of the original building and any extensions.
EPC ScotlandWhere necessary and access allows, inspect the roof space to identify and measure any insulation present.
EPC ScotlandCollect detailed information on the heating systems, lighting, ventilation and glazing within the property.
EPC ScotlandAssess other energy related features e.g. solar panels.
EPC ScotlandPhotographs of the interior and exterior of the property will be taken.
A master certificate complete with recommendations report complete with Invoice for services is issued.